What Is Cancer Remission

So, you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer and understandably, it’s a stressful and scary time. But fear not my friend, there are different types of cancer remission and treatments available that can help you overcome this disease. In today’s blog post, we’ll explore the different types of cancer remission and discuss the possibility of recurrence.

The Types of Cancer Remission

First things first, let’s define what cancer remission is. Cancer remission is the disappearance or reduction of cancer symptoms or signs in response to treatment. There are two types of cancer remission; partial remission and complete remission.

Partial Remission is when there is a decrease in the size of the tumor or the cancer symptoms have improved but not completely gone away.


Complete Remission is when all signs and symptoms of cancer have completely gone away.

The Possibility of Cancer Recurrence

While it’s great news to hear that you’re in remission, the possibility of cancer recurrence is still present. Cancer recurrence is when cancer comes back after a period of time when it was thought to have been cured or gone away. Various factors can affect the likelihood of cancer recurrence such as the type of cancer, the stage at which it was diagnosed, and the success of previous treatments.

It’s important to note that recurrence is not always preventable but in some cases, steps can be taken to reduce the chances of it happening. These steps can include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular check-ups with your doctor, and monitoring any changes in your body.

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Celebrating Cancer Remission

cancer in remission

If you’re someone who’s battling cancer or if someone close to you has been affected by this disease, then celebrating cancer remission can be a great way to bring some positivity and joy into your life. And why wouldn’t you? It’s a mark of strength, courage, and resilience!

You can celebrate cancer remission in a number of ways; from treating yourself to a day out, to throwing a party with your loved ones, or even getting a celebratory tattoo! Whatever floats your boat and makes you feel good.


While cancer remission is no easy journey, it’s comforting to know that there are different types of remission and treatments available that can help manage and overcome this disease. And after all the dark times, celebrating remission is a must. A sure way to recognize the strength and resilience one has portrayed.

But remember, the possibility of recurrence is still present so it’s important to stay positive, keep up with your regular check-ups, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Stay strong, celebrate remission, and keep kicking cancer’s butt!

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